Meet Javi The Traveler

His name is Javier Miguel, an International Relations student from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid. We called him Javi.
For several days, he shared his experiences and passion to our students in class.
Today, he came to our speaking class to do the same, sharing a lot of things, more serious than he shared with students, I think.
Yeah, today we discussed about the condition of our world, not only about the natural environment but also the people.


XI MIA 2 With Javi

By comparing our country to his, he made us realize that a lot of things need to be fixed in this country, “I love to be here, to be in Indonesia, has a lot of beautiful beaches and mountains. But unfortunately, when I saw a lot of rubbish and plastics, I felt like I can’t be connected with the nature”. He made us realize how not aware Indonesian do about nature. How we so easily do litter around. How government so easily gave permission to company to cut down forest without thinking about what happen in the future, without thinking about the wild life and local tribes who has forest as their home.

Next thing we discussed is all about Europe condition. About how several governments do propaganda to make people hate Islam, hate Arab, by making issue that Islam related to terrorism. “terrorism doesn’t belong to some religions. You won’t be good or bad by being a Muslim, a Christian, or a Catholic. It’s something in your heart. It’s so ridiculous when Paris tragedy a lot of people using France flag in their profile, but they’re ignoring with what happen in Palestine, Syria, and other countries”. Javi explained most of European want to help the refugees, but the government do the opposite thing, and try to make people hate the refugees.


Javi in SGM Teachers and Staff Speaking Class

The next one is about how to make our students consume things with responsible. Not buy things that they don’t really need. Buy things from local market, where the seller is someone you know, where the seller are local people who really depend their economical life from trading. “Television has brainwashed our young generation to follow trend. They have to buy new iPhone every year, eat in McDonald, drink coca cola, etc to be cool or something. It’s kind of their strategy to make people stay at home, chatting via social media, just concern about his best picture got a lot of likes in facebook, etc. So people don’t criticize the government, don’t concern about environment.”

The last thing we discussed is about how dangerous gadget and social media to children. “People nowadays like to chatting via whatsapp, concern about his picture got likes in facebook. They feel like that was their real world. They think that ‘it’s not important if I’m not really happy, the important thing is people know that I’m happy.'” He explained to us how dangerous if it happens to children who still developing skills. In the future they won’t have skills to communicate, to make decision, to socialize, etc.

Personally, I’m so amazed by Javi and his pont of view. In the end of class, he encouraged us, ” I know, it’s a big problem.. But we have a potency to change it.. We are educators, I mean all of you, can fostering this mind set to young generation.. So when they become civil servant or something, they not only be a good professional but also a good person”.

Hmmm…. Thanks Javi, it’s so awakening our mind..


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