It’s Called Take And Give

I clearly remember when I was a pre teacher student who had teaching internship in SMA N 1 Pagardewa. So much things I learned, as I just knew all teaching theories at that time. Although we learned ‘Microteaching’, it was still not enough.

Pak Ferdi, my Guru Pamong, taught me a lot about how to teach in a real life. He taught me how to give explanation, how to encourage students to do their homework, how to keep the teaching pace so all the students can understand what we learn.

It inspired me to be a teacher, to be an educator, and I was serious about it.

I met Pak Yan also in that school, another physics teacher, who gave me chance to teach XII graders who preparing themself for UN. I learned that content comprehension is a must.

Then few years later, Allah gave me a chance to meet Pak Marinsan and Bu Sri. I’ve been blessed to meet real professional physics teachers who showed me what should be a physics teacher look like.

Pak Marinsan showed me how to teach physics in fun way, that every student can relate the content with their daily life. He also showed that mimics, gestures, and content comprehension can be mixed in order to make students understand.

Bu Sri showed us how to be a good physics teacher by giving the best service to students. We need to know what students needs in learning process. It will help us to make students understand what we learn about.

Ah… It seems like yesterday.
And several weeks ago, 5 pre teacher students came to Global Madani, to observe and apply their learning media in my physics class.

I was nervous for the first time, and then I remembered what I’ve learned for years and tried my best to showed them what should be a physics teacher look like. Hoped that they will be inspired like me long time a go.

Then, I got this testimony. I’m so grateful. Something that I took from others become something that I gave to others. AlhamduliLlah.

I proud to be a physics teacher.



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