Foster the Spirit of Synergy Through Parent Teacher Conference SMA Global Madani 2016/2017

Synergy: School and parents must understand their role in educating, supporting each other, and bring the spirit of synergy in any matters relating to the development of the students.
In order to foster the spirit of synergy, School of Global Madani always holds Parent Teacher Conference (PTC) in the beginning of academic year.

PTC for 2016/2017 was held on July 23rd, 2016 in Assalam Hall with a special agenda to introduce the curriculum, rules and culture of the school, parenting seminar and training of how to ban pornography content. The conference was also held to sign letters of statements between the school and parents.

The conference was officially opened by Bu Liza Alvia, Secretary of Education Foundation of Global Madani. As a representative of foundation, Bu Alvi thanked to the parents who have entrusted their son / daughter to study in SMA Global Madani. Bu Alvi explained briefly the meaning of the Vision of School of Global Madani, Insan Islami Cerdas Bermartabat. Bu Alvi also told how SGM has significantly experienced some positive development since it was founded, which is in the third year GM already got A for its accreditation point. The alumni have been accepted in various universities in Jawa and Lampung, even this year two students have passed to ITB and STAN. And other achievements are not only academic side but also non academic one. Bu Alvi reminded that it won’t happen without the presence of mutual trust and respect between the school and parents. At the end of her speech, Bu Alvi hoped parents continue to provide support and prayers for their children in the School of Global Madani.


The conference continued with the introduction of Education Foundation of School of Global Madani Management, Teachers and Staffs of SMA Global Madani, and the entire Civitas Academica of SGM. This session led by Bu Icha Meyrinda.

In the next session, Umi Evi Ghozaly gave smart parenting seminar titled “Mendidik dengan Cinta.” In this seminar, Umi Evi invited the parents to try to understand their children well, receive them sincerely, and always fill in the ‘tank of love’ between parents and children. Umi Evi provided an understanding that the most important education process lies in the family, so parents should be sincere to educate children with love. Umi Evi also warned that violence will only hurt the child and make the child has vengeful mind. As The Director of Education Quality Assurance of SGM, she also told the students with special cases have been successfully handled in SGM. At the end of the seminar, Umi Evi invited the parents to pray for their children.

The conference is continued by the Principal of SMA Global Madani, Mr.Rofi Darojat, as a speaker. He explained the curriculum of SMA Global Madani. NASEC (Nine Aspect of School of Global Madani Enriched Curriculum) is able to achieve what the actually K-13 intends to. Even before the official K-13 was applied in schools, SGM had been apply NASEC with 9 aspect of student’s self-development for years, including the development of life skills and soft skills. Mr. Rofi also told how this curriculum has given gradually positive impacts on the student’s character for years.

The next session, Mr. Syofian Hadi, the vice principal of students affairs, described ExcelApreciation (EA) and Code of Conduct of Global Madani (CCGM) as a rule of the game at the SGM. He explained that the curriculum will not be able to achieve the school’s vision when it’s not accompanied with a steady governing rule, in which EA and CCGM are a way to achieve the vision of SGM, Insan Islami Cerdas Bermartabat.

Mr. Ridwan Sukma S and Mr. Ahmad Habibullaah, ICT Team of SGM, then provided a short training of how to prevent pornographic content on PC and smartphone. The duo described tricks and tips how to save our children from this content.

The last session is discussion led by Miss Endang Sriwahyuni. In this session, we also elected the coordinator of parents of Angkatan 6 SMA Global Madani.

That’s the PTC SMA Global Madani 2016/2017. Hopefully this conference will give the spirit of synergy between the school and parents, so Insan Islami Cerdas Bermartabat will be achieved.
And in sya Allah, Madani is in our sight.


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