What does Azalia mean? 

Several friends of mine argued that we choose Azalia for our daughter’s  name based on Ali Sastra’s song. That’s not completely wrong, ’cause we do like that song, and I knew this kind of flower from that song actually. But the main reason why we choose this name is the meaning of the flower itself.

Azalia/ Azalea / Tsutsuji / Evergreen

Azalea tends to represent good qualities of personalities, but it also symbolizes specific emotions or events. Many people feel this flower means:

  • Remembering your home with fondness or wishing to return to it.
  • Taking  care of yourself and your family
  • Temperance – the Victorians often carried a bloom if they supported the prohibition of alcohol, but it also represents emotional evenness
  • Passion that is still developing and fragile
  • Elegance and wealth
  • Femininity and feminine beauty
  • Abundance, especially of beauty or intelligence

Source :

These personalities that we hope will be on our first daughter.


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