For My Beloved Students

“Hei, sampai jumpa di lain hari,
untuk kita bertemu lagi,
kurelakan dirimu pergi.
Meskipun ku tak siap untuk merindu,
Ku tak siap tanpa dirimu,
ku harap terbaik untukmu.”

All the bonds we make,
all memories we share,
all the times we spend together,
will be linger in my heart, always.
All of you inspired me,
Changed me,
To be a better teacher,
To be a better friend,
To be a better parent.
The one who be inspired is me,
I know, until now,
I am not good enough,
as a teacher,
as your friend,
as your parent.
But I am a proud Abah,
And always will be.
Good luck, 4th Gen.
I’ll be missing you.


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